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A Word to Parents/Guardian

Every parent is a teacher to his/her child. The faculties of orderliness, discipline dedication and curiosity take root at home and develop further at school. To carry out the joint responsibility, please

The children should be motivated at home to be punctual at school and to do all the work assigned. Attend the PTA meeting and orientation classes for parents so that the parents can get their vision enriched and hence they can mold the character of their children Please get prior appointments to see the teachers other than on the days of open house.

General Code of Conduct

The children must come to school in their proper uniform. Use of jewelry, hair-raising jelly, and makeup are prohibited. Only black color belt and shoes are permitted. Any rude behavior in the form of foul language or vandalism entails punishment. No student is allowed to bring materials like mobile phone, DVD, Fire Crackers, objectionable literature etc. Such item will be confiscated


• Speaking English is compulsory in the School. Students are not allowed to go out of the class without permission.
• To go out of the school, they should get permission from the Principal or Administrative officer.
• It is compulsory to attend the school assembly.

Procedure for Admission

Application for admission should be made by the parents in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the school office. A true copy of birth certificate should be attached with the filled up application form and the original Birth certificate should be produced for verification.

Also, parents can use our online facility for new registration.

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